ILBF aims to represent and further the interests and roles of lay Buddhists in the development of Buddhism in modern day world.


What Is International Lay Buddhist Forum

International Lay Buddhist Forum

The International Lay Buddhist Forum is an independent lay Buddhist movement that is all-inclusive in membership and outlook. Any lay or ordained individuals or members of lay or monastic organizations who are supportive of lay Buddhist development and interaction of lay and monastic members are welcome. The movement aims to represent and further the interests and roles of lay Buddhists in the development of Buddhism in modern day world.



The International Lay Buddhist Forum began as a lay Buddhist movement at the first world Lay Buddhist Forum, held in Seoul in 2007. The forum was hosted by the Chongji Order with the support of the Association of Korean Buddhist Orders. Similar events have been held annually since then. The annual event has been attended by lay Buddhists and monastics from various countries in Asia, Europe and North America. At each forum, participants voiced the need for the existence of a lay organisation to serve its interests, and play a role in a healthy development of Buddhism in the modern world. This voice became stronger, louder and clearer at each succeeding Lay Buddhist Forum. This gave rise to the idea of establishing an international lay Buddhist movement. Because of its international participation and global outlook, it needed to form an international structure. A temporary committee was set up in 2010 to help formalise the organisation and plan the growth and development of this international lay Buddhist movement. This committee met to adopt a constitution and elect officers on October 26, 2011. With the constitution adopted, a proper name for the organisation and a formal Steering Committee were established on the same day. The organisation is formally named the International Lay Buddhist Forum, or ILBF in short.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of ILBF consists of six persons:

Chairperson: Dr. Jong-in Kim (South Korea)

Vice Chairperson: Dr. Sue-Lian Bong (Malaysia)

Secretary-Treasurer : Dr. Gene Reeves (Japan)

Members: Dr. Franz Grschwind (Germany), 

Dr Christie Y-L Chang (Taiwan), 

Dr. Burkhard Scherer (England)

Honorary Chairperson:

Dr. Hwaling Lee (South Korea)


Guiding Philosophy of ILBF

ILBF is a wholly  independent lay Buddhist movement, representing the interests and roles of lay Buddhists and lay Buddhists only, not the lineages or traditions or orders or organisations of the members.

While ILBF membership may include members from various Buddhist organisations, and its activities may be hosted and/or supported by particular organisations or individuals, ILBF is independent of them and does not represent their teachings or values.


Previous Forums

The first five Lay Buddhist Forums were held in Seoul, South Korea hosted by the Chongji Buddhist Order with support from the Association of Korean Buddhist Orders and the government of South Korea.


Next ILBF Event

The next ILBF event is the Seventh International Lay Buddhist Forum, to be held in Tokyo, Japan in April, 2014. The seventh forum will be hosted by  at Rissho Kosei-kai.


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Seventh International Lay Buddhist Forum—2014

Dear Friends

  Following last year’s very successful International Lay Buddhist Forum hosted by Karma Guen near Malaga, Spain, the Forum returns to Asia, where it will be hosted by the Japanese lay Buddhist organization Rissho Kosei-kai and held at their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan from April 23 to April 29.

   The theme for this conference is “Varieties of Lay Buddhism.” As we all know, Buddhism can be characterized in various ways. Often it is seen as divided into various schools, such as Theravada, Zen, or Pure Land. Sometimes nationalities or cultures are the modifying characteristic, as in Chinese, Tibetan, or American Buddhism. In many places, both historically and in the present, Buddhism is regarded solely as a monastic tradition, in which the only “real” Buddhists are monks and nuns. But both historically and in the present, lay Buddhists have played important roles in the development of the tradition, often primarily in support of monastics and their temples, sometimes in support of non-monastic professional priests, sometimes as movements quite distinct from and independent of monastic institutions. The Seventh International Lay Buddhist Forum will explore some of this rich variety of lay Buddhisms.

   As before, there will be speeches and formal presentations. The keynote speaker will be the Rev. Dr. Masazumi Shojun Okano, President of the lay Buddhist organization Kodo Kyodan Buddhist Fellowship, with headquarters in Yokohama, Japan.  After graduating from Keio University in Tokyo, Dr. Okano received a D. Phil. from Oxford University. He has been a professor at universities in the United States and in Hong Kong, and serves as a member of the Executive Committee of the All Japan Buddhist Federation and of the Advisory Committee of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists.

   If you would like to participate as a presenter, please see the “Call for Presentation Proposals” also on this page.

   In addition to speeches, there will be ample opportunity for participants to learn about each other and the Buddhist organizations that they represent. Other activities will include an opportunity to share in a special celebration with the International Buddhist Congregation of Rissho Kosei-kai and to enjoy some traditional Japanese art forms. An excursion to Kamakura and it’s world-famous Great Buddha will be included in the program.

 For the first time there will be a small registration fee of 5,000 Japanese yen or the equivalent. But we do not want to exclude anyone for lack of this fee. It can be regarded as a voluntary donation to the ILBF. Other costs, program, room and board, and local transportation will be covered by the host organization, Rissho Kosei-kai. To register, please click here. Space is limited, especially sleeping space, so please register as early as possible.

Call for Presentation Proposals

 The next International Lay Buddhist Forum will be held at Rissho Kosei-kai headquarters in Tokyo in April, 2014.

 On behalf of the Steering Committee, we would like to solicit your participation. Please submit a presentation proposal.

 There will be two different kinds of presentation:

  1) Theme talks: presentations on the conference theme: “Varieties of Lay Buddhism.”

  2) Sharing: presentations about some lay Buddhist organization, group, or activity.

 Theme talks should directly address the theme of the conference. Normally they will be in the form of academic papers, lectures, or power-point presentations, but there are other possibilities, including panel discussions, and video or movie presentations. These presentations should not exceed a total of 45 minutes, including any discussion.

 Presentations of the second kind, sharing, will normally focus on one’s own tradition or organization and its work, but presentations about another lay Buddhist organization on which one has done research will also be welcome. These presentations may be in the form of informal lectures or talks, power-point presentations, panel presentations, etc. They should be completed in 30 minutes and include an additional 15 minutes for questions and discussion.

 All proposals for presentations should be sent to Gene Reeves a mail to   by February 15, 2014. This is a deadline, after which we hope we will not have to consider any additional proposals. Feel free to send an inquiry or preliminary proposal to me for consultation before the February 15 deadline. It you think you need a longer period of time for your presentation, please raise that question well before the February 15 deadline.

 Theme talks or lectures should be in the form of a completed paper or a very detailed description of what is being proposed. If you expect to see your paper in a book of conference proceedings, it must be sent in before the February 15 deadline. If English is not your native language, please have your paper edited into standard English for inclusion in a proceedings volume.

 Proposals for the second kind of presentation may be more brief, describing the nature of the presentation and giving a brief summary of it content.

 Presentation proposals will only be finally accepted from people who register for the conference.

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Seventh International Lay Buddhist Forum—2014

Dear Friends

  Following last year’s very successful International Lay Buddhist Forum hosted by Karma Guen near Malaga, Spain, the Forum returns to Asia, where it will be hosted by the Japanese lay Buddhist organization Rissho Kosei-kai and held at their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan from April 23 to April 29. <…


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ILBF, 2012

Dear All,

Buddha will bless you all at the conference of ILBF 2012, Spain.

I pray to all mighty God to keeping peace to whole over the world. 

Thanks with Metta.

Subrata CHAKMA

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